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About Us

Jo and Andy. Owners, of Positively Magickal pagan giftshop in Ely

As the leading Pagan and Alternative Gift Shop in Cambridgeshire, Positively Magickal is a hidden gem. Located in a 15th century building just a stones throw from the beautiful Ely Cathedral and along a well travelled passageway, you’ll be amazed that you haven’t found us before.


Jo and Andy have run the store together for over 5 years (Jo somehow managed without him for the 6 years before that) and now work as a team creating an atmosphere full of laughter, comfort and advice. We aim to create sanctuary away from the daily grind and sprinkle a little magick into your day with the personal attention, knowledge and experience that you just don’t get online.


Positively Magickal is a store full of whimsy and wonder, with a whole range of gifts that are charmingly different. We may be small but we are mighty, and we look forward to welcoming you to the family.

Our Range

Tumbles, Raw, Jewellery, Specimen

Spell Candles
Waxy Wiccan, individual - Beeswax or Paraffin

A full range from California White to floral and herbal blends, Palo Santo, SweetGrass and more

Satya - Sticks, Cones and Backflow

Traditional Incense Company
Resin Jars, Smoke Boxes and Ash Catchers.

Tarot & Oracle
Decks, Spread boards, Bags, Cloths and so much more!


Registered stockists for The Pride Shop, Nemesis Now, WildThings, Waxy Wix Candles, Innocent Bones and Lisa Parker

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